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Exposure to Toxic Chemicals and Materials May Lead to Long Term Health Problems

An Atlanta Product Liability Lawyer Will Help You Recover Your Losses

Injuries from toxic chemicals and materials can be especially catastrophic simply because of their heightened nature. On the job industrial strength solutions can be caustic to the eyes, nose, mouth, and lungs. Exposure to mold due to improper construction or repairs may cause serious health issues and failure to disclose lead-based paint may cause lead poisoning in small children, the elderly, and others who might have compromised immune systems.

product liability lawyer at Hurt Stolz, P.C. will help you recover your losses. As seasoned litigators for those harmed by dangerous chemicals and materials, we understand the traumatic after-effects that can and do occur. We are determined to recover full compensation for all you’ve suffered.

Hire an Atlanta Accident Lawyer With Experience in Litigating Cases Involving Toxic Materials

At Hurt Stolz, P.C., our toxic waste injury attorneys take a personal interest in your case.

Georgia state laws on toxic materials in the workplace are designed to keep citizens safe. Those who disregard public safety by cutting corners or creating dangerous conditions that lead to catastrophic injury must be held accountable, not only for our clients’ losses but to prevent future victims, as well.

An Atlanta accident lawyer at Hurt Stolz, P.C. is not only fully qualified to represent you in such matters, we draw on the expertise of a bank of professionals with experience in accident reconstruction, medical opinions, financial accounting, and more to document, justify, and prove damages, allowing us to present evidence to full advantage, whether in negotiations or in a courtroom.

Consult With an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Before Speaking to Adjusters and Investigators From Insurance Companies

Residents in the Athens/Atlanta vicinity should contact a chemical accident attorney immediately to discuss the details of your toxic material injuries and what steps you should take next.

Injury from toxic material cases may include multiple injuries and/or at-fault parties and each insurer will attempt to deny or substantially reduce a settlement payout

While we always strive to reach a mutually agreeable settlement, we are known as attorneys who stand up to those who attempt to reduce the financial, medical, and emotional damages due you.

Don’t trust the wrongdoers to do right by you. The odds are, they probably won’t, leaving you to face mounting expenses alone. Before speaking with adjusters or investigators from insurance companies, consult with an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer at Hurt Stolz, P.C..

Call a Hurt Stolz, P.C. accident injury attorney today and together we’ll begin to piece your fractured life back together.