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Understand Owner and Landlord Responsibilities for Inadequate or Negligent Security in Georgia

If you’ve suffered an injury from negligent security, you have the right to be reimbursed for damages resulting from bodily harm, loss of personal property or income, pain and suffering, and other losses. In some cases, you may be entitled to punitive damages as well as civil damages.

Georgia residents should avoid speaking with investigators, insurers or adjusters for the other side until you’ve had the chance to seek legal advice from a qualified Atlanta injury attorney for a full explanation of Georgia injury law and how it applies to your situation.

The Atlanta “negligent security” attorneys at Hurt Stolz, P.C. works hard to protect the rights and interests of their clients, who have suffered unnecessarily because of an injury due to negligent, inadequate, or absent security measures.

Injuries From Inadequate Security? Hire an Experienced and Fully Qualified Athens Premises Liability Lawyer to Represent You


Did you suffer broken bones, bullet wounds, lacerations, or paralysis from a physical attack? An Athens premises liability lawyer from Hurt Stolz, P.C. will guide you through the complex process of identifying responsible parties, documenting injuries, gathering evidence, and build a persuasive case.

Our Athens injury lawyers carefully calculate losses, including medical (equipment and devices, long-term nursing assistance, etc), financial (job re-training, current and future lost wages, etc), and psychological (counseling, pain and suffering, etc). We attempt to mediate but are unafraid to litigate, and our record of successful verdicts backs up our claim.

Retain a GA Personal Injury Attorney Who Looks Out For You


Georgia law deals clearly with owners who fail to rectify known security weaknesses, such as inadequate or non-existent lighting, ignoring requests for additional or more secure door and window locks, or failure to provide extra security in high crime areas.

Unfortunately, hiring extra security guards but failing to screen or drug test them properly may result in an out of control employee who takes his or her frustration out on an innocent person who happens to be nearby. Even worse, an employee who stalks a tenant, or parking lot attendant who assaults a customer could be unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

Don’t you think it’s about time someone protected you? A GA personal injury attorney at Hurt Stolz, P.C. thinks you deserve that respect. Georgia landlords must provide reasonable safety precautions for tenants. Security issues also include the duty to provide and maintain fire and smoke alarms in residential or commercial buildings as well as operating emergency exit doors.

Contact a crime injury lawyer at Hurt Stolz, P.C. and let’s get you started on the road to full recovery.