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Auto fraud lawyer Athens, GAThere’s a reason people turn to their trusted auto fraud lawyer Athens, GA. And there’s a reason car dealerships get such a bad rep. Some car dealerships are fine – they provide a necessary service for people who need transportation. But unfortunately, many car dealerships are predatory, to say the least. 

If you’ve ever wondered why used car salesmen are often portrayed as the villain in movies, TV, and real-life, read on and learn all you can about auto fraud.

What is auto fraud?

Auto fraud (also known as auto dealer fraud) is a potentially expensive type of fraud that can be settled through civil suits, rather than through criminal court. Nobody usually goes to jail in a civil suit: Instead, money can be awarded to the plaintiff as financial compensation for their damages.

It’s also important to remember that auto defects are separate from auto fraud. Auto defects have to do with the manufacturer of the vehicle (think defective airbags or brakes) failing to ensure their vehicles are fit for use and purchase. Auto dealer fraud concerns the dealership, and whether they have been exploiting their customers for extra money.

When you purchase a vehicle for yourself, it’s important to be skeptical of any claims made by the dealer. You have a responsibility to look out for any gotchas or potential problems (as with any large purchase), but there are still plenty of ways for dealers to shake you down for extra money – in which case, you should reach out to a trusted auto fraud lawyer in Athens, GA.

To better understand auto fraud, it’s best to look at a few frequently-encountered examples.

What does auto fraud look like?

There are many unsavory techniques that dealers can resort to if they’re trying to defraud their customers. While the following examples are by no means an exhaustive list, they should help you better understand what auto fraud looks like.

  • You may have seen an advertised low price for a car, and arrived at a dealership only to hear that the low price is no longer available. Next thing you know, you’re being coerced into purchasing the same vehicle for a higher price. This is called a “bait and switch scheme”, and it’s fraud.
  • You might be signing off on the paperwork for a new vehicle, only to notice that the price is much higher than you agreed to. While you weren’t looking, the dealer added lots of extra features to your vehicle that you didn’t approve of. You shouldn’t be made to pay for anything you didn’t want.
  • While on the subject of unapproved options, some dealerships might take things a bit further. They could falsely claim that certain features of your vehicle are required by law, and are thus impossible to remove from your purchase agreement. This is another fraudulent practice that you should be aware of.

Georgia Auto Fraud Lawyer Hurt Stolz, P.C.

Buying a car is a major moment in your life, and it’s also expensive. You shouldn’t let a dealer exploit you for more of your hard-earned cash, and you shouldn’t be made to sign off on any expensive features, additions, or payment plans that aren’t what you wanted. If you think you’ve been exploited by a dishonest car dealership, reach out to Hurt Stolz, P.C. today, and see how an auto fraud lawyer in Athens, GA, can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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