Car Accident Lawyer Athens, GA

Car Accident Lawyer Athens, GA

A car accident lawyer in Athens, GA from Hurt Stolz, P.C. knows that even a small car accident can negatively impact your life. Insurance claims, injury, and the legal system can all be complicated to work through.  If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, you may want to consider hiring a car accident lawyer from our law firm. I have the experience it takes to help you navigate the legal system. Contact me today to learn what your options are and how I can help you. 

After a Car Accident

If there is enough damage or injury, you and the other party’s insurance company will become involved. There may also be legal recourse. An experienced lawyer will know what information to collect and how to navigate through what can be a very complicated process while advocating for the best outcome for you. Your lawyer will collect:

Medical information

A lawyer will compile all of the necessary medical records and bills that resulted from the accident. 

Evidence of the Accident

In order to illustrate how the accident happened, a lawyer gathers police reports, pertinent witness statements, photographs taken of the scene, any video record of the accident, and other accident related evidence. 

Income information: Your lawyer will collect your pay stubs and any other proof of income lost as a result of the accident.

After collecting this information your lawyer will then prepare documents that demonstrate how the other party was at fault and what losses you have suffered as a result of the accident. Your lawyer will advocate on your behalf in court. Their experience can result in greater compensation and ensure that you get the result you deserve. That’s why if you are looking for a car accident lawyer in Athens, GA, you should contact Hurt Stolz, P.C. so I can begin advocating on your behalf as soon as possible. 

How do I know that I need a lawyer? 

Sometimes small accidents can easily be settled out of court. You may even be willing to pay small out-of-pocket expenses. But even minor costs can add up fast. You may want to consider getting a lawyer if you:

  • Are going to have to pay large out-of-pocket costs. Car accidents can be expensive, and sometimes a small fender bender can require replacing car parts that are expensive. If you feel your out-of-pocket expenses are too high, contact a lawyer to see if the responsible party should be covering these costs.
  • Were injured in the car accident. Even a moderate injury can require a long recovery time. If you are missing work or have large medical bills, a lawyer can advocate for you so that the responsible party pays for your lost income and medical expenses.
  • Have to go to court to settle the case. A lawyer is a trained professional who understands the rules of Georgia. Having legal representation can ensure that you win the settlement you deserve. 

Common Delayed Symptoms After a Car Accident

Car accidents occur frequently, but thankfully many of them are minor. Although you might walk away from an accident feeling normal, some symptoms can be delayed. It is important to monitor your symptoms and behaviors after an accident occurs.

Examples of delayed effects of car accidents that your lawyer for car accident victims may suggest watching out for include:


A headache may seem like a normal thing to experience after an accident, but it can mean something more serious is happening. If any part of your body was jolted during an accident, it could lead to a traumatic brain injury. It could also indicate a spinal injury or blood clotting. Along with headaches, you may experience brain fog or dizziness.

Back or Neck Pain

Whiplash is very common in car accidents, especially if you are rear-ended by another vehicle. It happens when the neck is forcefully moved back and forth in a rapid manner. Often a victim’s head will hit the headrest. This motion can damage nerves, soft tissues, or even the spine.

Abdominal Pain

Pain in the abdomen is common since that is where the seatbelt sits. While it may just be bruising from the belt causing pain, it could also signal soft tissue damage or internal bleeding. 

Tingling or Numbing

Experiencing tingling or losing feeling in your limbs or digits could be linked to a spinal injury or a pinched nerve. It can also be caused by whiplash.

Behavioral Changes

Aside from physical symptoms, you may have mental or emotional issues after an accident. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can take weeks, months, or even years to surface. Changes in behavior can also be linked to a brain injury.

Collecting reimbursement for damages from insurance can be tricky with delayed symptoms. If you are in an accident, here are some steps you can follow so that everything is well documented:

  1. Always report an accident and get a police report. Send a copy of the police report to your insurance provider right away.
  2. Get a medical evaluation. A doctor can diagnose any presenting symptoms or anticipate what you might experience in the coming weeks. Send a copy of the medical report to your insurance provider.
  3. Contact a lawyer. If everything is well-documented and delayed symptoms appear, a lawyer can help you prove they are linked to a car accident and reach a fair settlement.

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