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FCRA lawyer Athens, GAEveryone stresses about their credit score – but if an incorrect or inaccurate credit report has become a stumbling block in your life, an FCRA lawyer in Athens, Georgia can make things right again.

Your credit score is your gateway to a better future. Many important parts of life center on your credit score, from securing a loan, finding housing, and even getting a job (not many people realize that when a company performs a background check, they’re also getting a credit report).

If you have solid credit, you shouldn’t have to worry – but a low credit score can quickly become a barrier for many people trying to improve their lives or move forward from debt or bankruptcy. Having a low credit score can be caused by a number of factors, but an inaccurate credit report can be traced to financial institutions and credit reporting agencies. What happens if you know your credit should be higher, and how can you resolve an inaccurate credit score?

About the FCRA

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows you to view your credit score and dispute any incorrect information on your credit report. You might have solid credit, but an incorrect credit report can seriously affect your ability to get housing, employment, and loans. After all, any potential employer or bank that requests a credit report won’t know that the information they receive is inaccurate until it’s too late.

You shouldn’t have to suffer because of a credit reporting agency’s faulty information. It may seem almost inconceivable that a credit reporting agency would mistakenly provide out-of-date or incorrect information on your credit report, but it happens more than you would expect: Agencies mistakenly provide information older from more than seven years in the past, and oftentimes fail to report that you’ve paid off certain debts. Credit reporting agencies also should not provide your credit information if you were a victim of identity theft – but it happens.

Under the FCRA, you’re allowed to dispute information on your credit record. Credit reporting agencies must also investigate any disputes within 30 days of you getting in touch with them, but even with this assurance, you’ll be stuck in a maze of legal and financial red tape and requirements. Fortunately, an FCRA lawyer in Athens, GA, can help.

Georgia FCRA Law Firm Hurt Stolz, P.C.

An incorrect or inaccurate credit report can severely restrict your ability to move forward with your life. You might have been waiting on a home loan, or eagerly hoping to hear back from your dream job – all to lose hope at the last second because a credit reporting agency sank your chances. An FCRA lawyer can help you dispute any information on your credit score in order to set the record straight, and they can go above and beyond just fixing your credit score.

When you reach out to an FCRA lawyer, there’s also the possibility of collecting financial compensation for any damage that could have been caused by faulty or incorrect credit information. Remember that home loan you needed, and that job you wanted so badly? The right lawyer can get you the compensation you deserve for the future you were denied.

Reach out to Hurt Stolz, P.C., and see how an FCRA lawyer in Athens, GA can help.

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