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slip and fall lawyer Clayton, GAYou may have heard of slip and fall accidents, but what makes them so dangerous – and why should you consider reaching out to a slip and fall lawyer in Clayton, Georgia?

The dangers of a slip and fall

A slip and fall is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a slip-up or minor accident that occurs in a home, workplace, or business. On the surface, a slip and fall seem insignificant – in fact, you may feel more embarrassment than pain, and you might be in a hurry to get up and act like nothing happened. It’s a totally natural response, but it’s a reaction that might land you in more trouble later on.

The insignificance of a slip and fall is its greatest danger. A few days after your accident, you might start feeling aches or pains that you suspect can be traced back to that unfortunate trip or stumble in the office – or you might suddenly lose a bit of mobility in your neck a couple of days after slipping and falling on a wet floor in a cafe.

A slip and fall can sneak up on you and cause serious medical problems in the days, weeks, or even months after your accident. That’s why it’s so important to get proper medical care as soon as you’ve been injured. And that’s why it’s so important to reach out to a slip and fall lawyer in Clayton, GA.

Why should I reach out to a slip and fall lawyer?

If you’ve experienced a slip and fall – no matter how minor – you could be entitled to financial compensation. It may seem like an overreaction to jump immediately for legal help after a minor fall, but time is of the essence: The longer you wait to pursue compensation, the harder it may be to win the money you deserve.

A slip and fall lawyer is a valuable ally in your fight for compensation. They can negotiate with insurance companies that may be hesitant to make any payments, and they can also work closely with you to thoroughly examine your case. In every slip and fall accident, there’s a responsible party (or possibly multiple). It’s up to you and your lawyer to determine who is at fault for your injuries.

Georgia Slip And Fall Law Firm Hurt Stolz, P.C.

Your slip and fall accident may have seemed innocent and embarrassing at first, but given time and lack of proper medical care, a minor injury can develop into serious health problems. Of course, with serious health problems come serious bills, lost wages, and a mountain of paperwork that prevents you from focusing on your health and on your recovery.

Nobody should be too embarrassed or intimidated to seek compensation for their slip and fall injuries. And nobody should let today’s minor injury turn into tomorrow’s major health problem. Get in touch with a qualified slip and fall lawyer Clayton, GA, and see how Hurt Stolz P.C. can help you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you’ve experienced.

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